Romantic Valentine’s open-air escape game in Edinburgh

Romantic Valentine’s open-air escape game in Edinburgh

February 14, Edinburgh

21.537 reviews

‘Dinner and a movie’ is so 2021! Especially when the movie is now played out in the real-world. Let us explain!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way of spending Valentine’s Day with your one and only, this is your Eureka moment!

We’re inviting you both (or you three - hey, we don’t judge) to do one of the romantic-themed open-air escape games in Edinburgh.

The event starts on Monday, February 14th at 10AM and ends Sunday night, February 20th. You can play the 1.5 hour-game at any hour on these days.

The route you’re going to follow in the city is sprinkled with charming and picturesque places, fun clues and challenges, and romantic stories of past and present.

The experience will play out like you’re the main characters of a movie, only that you’re experiencing everything in first person! Fun dialogue, intrigue, and unexpected interactions are guaranteed.

Invite your significant other to a real-world adventure!



This new concept combining elements of escape rooms, board games, treasure hunts, and exploration tours is a treat for any couple.

The game is an interactive activity where you are guided by a mobile app through the city. With it, you follow directions and solve very fun puzzles, riddles, and cryptic codes.

During the game, you will also visit popular and hidden places in the city while learning fun (and we mean it) stories about them. This is a storytelling experience just as much.

The couples doing these escape games gave them an average rating of 4.7/5 around the world. Join the playground too!

Only 7 tickets left at a discount

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  • Play outdoors using your phone
  • Follow clues & solve fun puzzles
  • Compete for multiple prizes
  • Costume contest (optional)
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Start anytime after 8 PM on the day
  • 2 hours average duration
350 000+






What our players say

    Amazing! I really enjoyed learning the history and visiting so many different places throughout the city. I would definitely recommend for couples who are in love. Great adventure!
    Morgan, Paris
    Fabulous quest, really interesting. Took us away form the bustling city and down little cobbled streets, beautiful.
    Sharon, Vienna
    It was great! Even if you know everything about the city, you are still bound to learn something! It is for all ages, and surprisingly doesn't feel like that long of a walk, even though it is 1,8 miles!
    Steve, Savannah
    Great game!! It was a lot of fun and you can see many beautiful sights. In addition, you get to know the city in a playful way and in search of clues, you explore everything with open eyes.
    Charlie, Rotterdam
    A well worthwhile experience that'll give anyone a brand new appreciation for the city. Absolutely recommend to anyone, lots of fun!
    Michael, New York
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