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Vampires vs Zombies

Who bites who? Participate in the epic battle between Vampires & Zombies this Halloween! Choose a side and try to defeat the other before it’s too late. Follow clues and solve fun riddles, learn new things and try to save the world.

Wizard of Oz Experience

Follow the yellow brick road and save Dorothy from the Wicked Witch! Solve engaging puzzles, learn fun facts, play at your own pace or compete against others!

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Join a Questo event and experience how your city becomes a magical new world. Follow clues, solve puzzles, do challenges and discover amazing new places in town.

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What our players say

Great weekend out with the family. our teenagers loved the game and keep asking for more, gonna try the detective ones next
Andrea C.
First time doing this and had no idea what to expect, but now we’re glad we jumped into it, we had so much fun. Loved the clues, good light exercise too.
Tina G.
We first played with Questo on Halloween last year and we just kept trying new games because our whole group of friends loves them. We’re happy they keep putting out new concepts every year :)
Alex H.
We enjoyed seeing everyone’s amazing costumes and also had a blast solving the puzzles, some of the wittiest and fun we’ve seen. Make sure you read ALL the details, there are hidden messages that you’ll need!
Christie L.
We really enjoyed the people we met on the route and the puzzles, our team finished top 5 too!!
Serge A.
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