What are Questo events?
Questo events offer an immersive experience mixing elements of escape rooms, scavenger hunts and mystery-solving. All outdoors on the streets of your city.

During an event, you follow clues and solve engaging puzzles in your environment, discover new amazing places in town, and learn many memorable fun facts. The experience is delivered through your smartphone.

You can complete it at your own pace or race against the clock and compete with hundreds of other teams participating.

The events can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests, as the themes range from tale-oriented ones such as The Wizard of Oz to more adult ones such as Vampires vs Zombies.
Can kids participate?
Kids (18 and younger) are generally allowed to attend most of our events as long as they’re accompanied by an adult. And the kids (any age) can participate for free.

If an event is appropriate for kids, you will see it mentioned clearly on the webpage of that specific event.
How many people can play together?
If you purchased a team ticket giving access to multiple people, you can all play as one team, separate into smaller teams or even play individually.

A virtually unlimited number of people can attend together, however, we advise that you split into teams when groups become unmanageably large. You can do that at any point during the event.
Starting time?
Most of our events are available all day long. We usually recommend you start your experience anytime between 8 AM and 8 PM on the day of the event. It generally takes you anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to complete it.

In some specific cases, the availability period of the event may differ. You will find this mentioned clearly on the webpage of that specific event.
What's the location?
Our events generally take place in easily accessible parts of the city. And we try to pick the most appealing and safe area of a city, as much as possible.

Each event starts at a specific location. From here on, you will be following a trail taking you to all of the different locations included in the game. The entire experience unfolds outdoors on the streets of your city.

This secret starting location will only be revealed a few days before the event, via email.

If there are fewer than 24 hours before the event and you still have not received the starting location, please message us at care@questoapp.com
Event duration?
The experience can be enjoyed at your own pace. Which means you can complete it competitively or a bit more relaxed.

Depending on your pace, you can expect it to take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

You can also take a break at any point and continue from where you left off when you’re done.
Haven't received a booking confirmation email?
There may be different reasons why you haven’t received your confirmation email.

Before anything else, please double-check both your spam and promo email folders in case they got stuck there.

You may also have ordered it using a different email address (this sometimes happens automatically with ‘@icloud.com’ emails, for instance, when paying via Apple Pay).

If nothing mentioned above works, write us at care@questoapp.com and we’ll help right away. Please mention the email you booked with and the event name (including the name of the city).
Haven't received the instructions email?
If there are fewer than 24 hours before the event and you still haven’t received the email with event attending details, please write us at care@questoapp.com mentioning your booking email address and that you haven’t received the ‘instructions email’.
Are events pet-friendly?
Yes! We’d love to see your doggos or maybe even your pet lizard join the adventure!
Wheelchair accessible?
Accessibility for wheelchairs is not 100% guaranteed. The events take place on the streets of your city and you pick the route to follow to the next checkpoint, which sometimes means that a specific street might not be wheelchair-friendly.
Do I have to wear a costume?
No, you don’t. However, we do recommend it for the extra fun factor. Usually, most attendants can be seen wearing one. You can also participate in our costume contest if you do so (more details about the contest will be sent to you via email).
How much walking?
The experience takes place on the streets of your city and, on average, people walk around 3 km (2 miles) to complete it.
What's the refund policy?
Please read our complete refund policy here: [https://questoapp.com/events/pages/questo-events-refund-policy](https://questoapp.com/events/pages/questo-events-refund-policy).
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