• Dear Questo,

    Hope you have a nice day.

    I am a solo traveler and I am keen to explore the world. When I was a student in Europe, I joined some Questo routes with my friends in Edinburgh and other cities. The experience was impressive and I enjoyed it very much!
    Unfortunately, I haven't found a similar choice in China. Recently China started visa-free travel for residents of some European countries(ES/NL/GE... etc.) and seems will be a trend.
    I hope I can be a creator of Chinese stories. I love the details of the city and the historical stories. I would like to share them with friends from all over the world. For now, global travelers can choose a day trip easily via tripadvisor.com, but I think they also need a chance to enjoy China at their own pace. Moreover, for Questo, launching Chinese routes at this moment will also capture the target user and this traffic!
    Please launch the Chinese routes, I can't wait for that!

    Hope to hear from you.


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  • a month ago

    Hi Wenzhuo, happy to hear that you had fun with Questo. We are an open platform, so if you want games in China, you can build some by yourself or invite your friends to do it.

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