Ghosts of Edinburgh: A Bloody Past

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Prepare yourself for an eerie Edinburgh adventure like no other, where you'll follow mysterious clues to uncover striking places and delve into spine-chilling local creepy stories.

In this captivating experience, you'll step into the shoes of the protagonist—an instrument of dark magic. 

Traverse through the shadowy alleys and historic sites as you discover some of Edinburgh's most haunted locations. Brace yourself to visit the infamous Greyfriars Kirkyard, where restless spirits are said to roam, the site of the long-gone Nor’ Loch, and the hauntingly atmospheric West Bow.

Immerse yourself in Edinburgh's dark history, where every step you take draws you closer to the chilling tales that have been whispered throughout countless generations.

Do you dare to embark on this haunted experience around Edinburgh? If you're ready to confront the unknown and this city's spectral side, then prepare to be enchanted and spooked in equal measure.

Adventure awaits those who chase the mysteries of the night. Are you one of them?
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  • Best at night
  • Please be cautious of traffic
  • Don’t enter the places, not part of the experience
  • If parents/guardians, filter the content for kids
  • Use the phone flashlight for clues if needed

Places you will visit


It will take you

46-76 mins

You will walk

4600 steps

Total distance

3.5 km


  • Visit the most haunted places in town

  • Discover Edinburgh’s dark and bloody past, from the Great Scottish Witch Hunts to the Burke and Hare murders

  • Learn about the haunting stories of the Wizard of West Bow, the Grey Lady, George Mackenzie and more

  • Explore the many sites where public executions were held

  • Visit the hall containing a book made of William Burke’s flesh


You're a black staff with a human head. Not just any staff with a human head though—you belong to Major Thomas Weir, the infamous Wizard of West Bow and one of Edinburgh’s most prominent ghosts. In fact, as staffs with human heads go, you're probably the most famous!

The once respectable Major was known for his impassioned sermons before confessing to unspeakable crimes in the 17th century. His ghost haunts the West Bow for all eternity, wielding you with his mighty bloodlust. 

But the major has gone missing, you suspect in search of redemption. You must bring him, and those who might have aided him, to heel.

Not only are wizards never late, their staffs are highly punctual instruments of darkness. With this in mind, you'd better get a move on!

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03 Sep 2023

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