Ponte Sant'Angelo

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About Ponte Sant'Angelo

If bridges could talk, Ponte Sant'Angelo would tell tales of ancient glory, medieval pilgrimages, and baroque beauty. Striding across the Tiber River, this pedestrian bridge is your scenic route into the heart of Roman history. 


Originally built by Emperor Hadrian in 134 AD to span the Tiber to his newly constructed mausoleum (now the Castel Sant'Angelo), it's lined with stunning angel statues designed by the Baroque master Bernini and his students.

Wondering when to visit? Ponte Sant'Angelo is a charmer all year round, offering breathtaking views of the Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican at sunset. But for that extra sprinkle of Roman magic, dusk or dawn casts the bridge and its angelic guardians in a light that's nothing short of heavenly.

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