Fontana del Nettuno

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About Fontana del Nettuno

Dive headfirst into the drama and majesty of Rome's Fontana del Nettuno, where water, art, and mythology merge to create a spectacle that's as refreshing as a gelato on a hot Roman afternoon. 

Located in the pulsating heart of Piazza Navona, this fountain is a tribute to Neptune, the god of the sea, and showcases him in all his trident-wielding glory battling a sea monster. It's not just a fountain; it's a baroque bash thrown by Giacomo della Porta in the 16th century, with Bernini (yes, that Bernini) later adding the sizzling sculptural details. The Fontana del Nettuno is where Neptune reigns supreme, surrounded by nymphs and sea creatures in a watery tableau that captivates and charms. 

Whether you're here to marvel at the artistry, make a wish, or simply cool off by its mist, the Fontana del Nettuno proves that Rome does, indeed, know how to put on a show. The best time to visit? Anytime! This fountain is always ready for its close-up, offering a picture-perfect backdrop day or night.

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