Castel Sant'Angelo

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About Castel Sant'Angelo

if you're looking for a top-notch historical spot in Rome, look no further than Castello Sant'Angelo, also known as the Hadrian's Mausoleum. This towering cylindrical fortress is located on the banks of the Tiber River and it's definitely a must-see. Built in the 2nd century AD as a mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his family, it's been a castle, a fortress, a prison, and even a papal residence. So you can imagine the history in this joint.

Now, when's the best time to visit? Spring and fall are the perfect seasons, weather-wise, but honestly, any time is a good time to visit. You'll get different perspectives depending on the season, but no matter when you go, you'll be able to catch the beautiful views of Rome and the Tiber River from the terrace.

But honestly, the best time to visit is any time you're in Rome. You won't regret it.