Casa Atellani

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About Casa Atellani

Tucked away in the heart of Milan, Casa Atellani is a hidden treasure with a façade as intriguing as the stories that dwell within its walls. 

This Renaissance gem, once home to the elite of Milanese society, whispers tales of Leonardo da Vinci and the vineyard he was gifted by Ludovico Sforza. Today, visitors can step into a world where art, history, and a hint of Milanese mystery blend seamlessly, offering a peek into the life of one of history's greatest minds. Exploring Casa Atellani is like wandering through a living painting, where every corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered.

Best time/season to visit:
Spring and autumn offer the perfect backdrop to Casa Atellani's timeless beauty, with the vineyard in bloom or the leaves turning golden, adding an extra layer of magic to your visit.

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