Columns of St. Lawrence

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About Columns of St. Lawrence

Standing sentinel outside the ancient Basilica of San Lorenzo, the Columns of St. Lawrence are not just stone; they're the spine of Milan's history, stretching back to the Roman Empire. These sixteen Corinthian columns, with their whispering echoes of the past, create a mesmerizing portal to a time when Milan was Mediolanum, a pivotal heart of Rome's vast territories. Today, this open-air museum serves as a favorite gathering spot for both locals and visitors, offering a serene space where history, art, and the buzz of modern life intertwine. As the sunset casts its golden glow, the columns stand proud, a testament to Milan's enduring beauty and layered history.

Best time/season to visit:
The ethereal beauty of the Columns of St. Lawrence is most striking at dusk, particularly in the warmer months when the soft evening light illuminates the ancient marbles.

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