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About Chinatown London

Chinatown is a district in central London, England. It originated in the 18th century as a small group of Chinese people settled in an area straddling the present-day Gerrard Street and Leman Street. Chinatown is one of the oldest areas of London and has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

It is located within the City of London and forms part of the East End. The word "Chinatown, London" is often used as a metonym to refer collectively to the many towns, villages, and suburbs throughout the world with high concentrations of people hailing from or having significant links with one particular country.

The earliest evidence of Chinese people in London dates to the 17th century, when they started coming in numbers from their various embassies and trade posts as part of Britain's East India Company.

The first Chinese person recorded in London was Yee Whye, who arrived in 1640 aboard the "Fortune". By 1657, there were a dozen or so Chinese people in London.

In this article, we discuss 6 interesting things you need to know about Chinatown in London.

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