Cais das Colunas

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About Cais das Colunas

Step onto the Cais das Colunas and you're stepping onto Lisbon's grand red carpet, stretched out in stone and sea. 
This majestic pier, flanked by its twin marble columns, serves as a poetic gateway between the Tagus River and the heart of the city. It's where Lisbon greets the world, offering breathtaking views that have welcomed kings, queens, and travelers alike. The Cais das Colunas isn't just a spot for postcard-perfect photos; it's a place where the pulse of Lisbon's past meets the rhythm of the river's tides, inviting you to linger in the moment and soak in the city's storied atmosphere.

Best time/season to visit:
While stunning year-round, the Cais shines brightest in the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon, when the light dances on the water and the city's silhouette tells tales of discovery and adventure.