Casa dos Bicos / José Saramago Foundation

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About Casa dos Bicos / José Saramago Foundation

Casa dos Bicos, with its façade dotted with diamond-shaped stones, stands as an architectural curiosity in Lisbon's landscape. This 16th-century structure, reminiscent of the spiky exterior of a chestnut, is as intriguing as the literary legacy it houses within. 

Today, it's home to the José Saramago Foundation, dedicated to Portugal's only Nobel Laureate in Literature. Walking through its doors is like stepping into a narrative, where history, architecture, and literature converge to celebrate the power of words. It’s a place where Saramago's voice continues to echo, inviting visitors to ponder, reflect, and be inspired by the enduring strength of storytelling.

Best time/season to visit:
The foundation and its unique building are a must-visit year-round, offering a quiet refuge for literary enthusiasts and curious minds, with the cooler months providing a cosy atmosphere for delving into Saramago's world.

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