The Brazen Head

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About The Brazen Head

Step into The Brazen Head, and you step into history itself—literally. This isn't just any old pub; it's the elder statesman of Dublin's social scene, serving up pints and stories since 1198. Yes, you read that correctly. Before the United States was even a twinkle in Columbus's eye, Dubliners were already frequenting this watering hole. Legend has it that Robin Hood might have stopped by for a pint, and who are we to argue with legend? The walls of this pub could teach a history class, offering a pint-sized perspective on Dublin's past.

Best time/season to visit:
While the charm of The Brazen Head is timeless, visiting during the colder months might just be the perfect excuse to cosy up with a warm stew and listen to live traditional Irish music by the fire.

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