Ha'penny Bridge

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About Ha'penny Bridge

In a city sliced by rivers and stitched together by bridges, the Ha'penny Bridge isn't just another crossing; it's Dublin's own cast-iron beauty, officially known as the Liffey Bridge. Ha'penny Bridge has been linking the north and south of Dublin since 1816, for just a halfpenny toll, hence the nickname. Today, it's free to cross, but the experience is priceless. As you tread its wooden planks, you're walking in the footsteps of history, love stories, and perhaps a few spirited debates on who's buying the next round of Guinness.

Best time/season to visit:
The Ha'penny Bridge is a spectacle at any time of the year. Still, it shines brightest on clear evenings when the setting sun casts a golden glow over the River Liffey, turning a simple stroll into a moment of cinematic romance.

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