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About Montelbaanstoren

Montelbaanstoren stands guard over the Amstel, a picturesque testament to Amsterdam's medieval might. 

Erected in 1516 as part of the city defenses, this tower has since watched over centuries of change, its clock chiming through epochs. Once a fearsome sentinel, it now serenades passersby with tales of yore, a beloved fixture on the Amsterdam skyline that has gracefully aged into an icon of charm and history.

The tower, with its ornate spire added in 1606, whispers stories of the city's relentless march from past to present. Step into its shadow and be transported to a time when the clang of metal and the bustle of the docks filled the air. The best moments here are at dusk, when the setting sun casts a golden hue on its façade, and the tower seems to glow with memories.