Milan Navigli: Magic Along the Water

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Milan’s historic waterways keep a multitude of secrets. The city was famous for its Navigli, a system of canals that provided the city with water. These flowing streets were perfect for transporting people and goods all around the city, and connecting Milan with the rivers and lakes of Italy. 

Over the centuries, stories of Emperors, saints, witches, poets, and artists have been intertwined into the rich history of the Milanese canals. Are you ready to immerse yourself in them? 

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Places you will visit


It will take you

94-124 mins

You will walk

5650 steps

Total distance

4.3 km


  • Visit the “little gate” that guards the medieval walls of the city

  • See the church built right on the spot where the bishop of Milan witnessed a divine event

  • Explore the area where heretics and witches were condemned to death

  • Discover the alley where men used to wash the city’s laundry with chimney ash


It’s 1640, and tonight they will be burning a witch at the stake. You tend to avoid these spectacles, being a humble canal boat driver– that is, until the young woman accused of witchcraft turns to you for help. 

You must collaborate with her accomplices, pass on messages, and find magical objects to help her escape on the city’s secretive waterways that you know better than anyone. If there’s anyone in Milan capable of saving her from this terrible fate, it’s you.

Game route

Starting point Ancient Gates of Porta Ticinese
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 51b, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Finish point Ponte Alexander Langer
Viale Gorizia, 9, 20144 Milano MI, Italy
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04 Mar 2024

Daria Chernysh

23 Feb 2024

Chiara cogliandro

20 Feb 2024

Jane Revell

05 Feb 2024


21 Nov 2023
awesome!! very nice story

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