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On Saturday, the 2nd of September, the streets of Pittsburgh become the battleground for vampires and zombies in this outdoor escape room-style experience. 

Follow clues, solve puzzles in your surroundings and compete against friends or hundreds of other teams! 

Choose to be on the vampire or zombie side and try to defeat the other in a battle for survival! Who bites first?

You can go at your own pace or against the clock. 

What previous attendees had to say

I’ve never done something quite like this before so I didn’t know what to expect. Loved the puzzles, interactivity, the costumes.. very fun time altogether

Anton J.

Would definitely do this again, we all had a blast trying to outwit each other!!

Linda T.

It was soooo fun trying to figure out all the clues, we liked that we could play against each other or just go around casually, so everyone did their own thing. And we completely fried the zombies!

Jordan W.

The whole family loved it, such a fun experience, wish we did something like this sooner.

Pat K.

How the event works

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How the app works

Download the app and let it guide you
Go to the starting point in the city
Explore new places in town
Solve puzzles and riddles found in your surroundings
Learn fun bits of history about each place
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