The Haunted Edinburgh Experience

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On the 29th of July, you are invited to an outdoor escape room-style experience that will leave you shivering.


You’ll be taken on a journey through the most haunted places in the city, where you'll learn the horrifying tales of the restless spirits who still reside there.


Follow clues, solve puzzles in your surroundings and compete against friends or hundreds of other teams!

Starting point

The Mound

This game does NOT end in the same place where it started. The ending address can be found in the app. And you can play at anytime, no need to schedule.

What previous attendees had to say

Exciting! Gave us the chills, I never knew these stories about my home city.. The places on the route are so eerie and mysterious, loved discovering spots we never knew about even if we were born here

Jalen D.

This was such great fun! We saw everything on the trail and scoped out areas we wanted to explore more.. and learned some creeeeepy stories!

Martha M.

Amazing time with friends, the clues were a bit challenging at first but in the end we found them so witty and fun!

Sof V.

I walk through this area for work everyday and never knew it had such a creepy history.. dear god. We loved the mission too!

Brandon G.

How the event works

Download Questo

An app will guide you through the shadows

Download the app for free and let it walk you through the entire experience.

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How the app works

Download the app and let it guide you
Go to the starting point in the city
Explore new places in town
Solve puzzles and riddles found in your surroundings
Learn fun bits of history about each place
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