Outdoor Escape Game in Atlanta

Outdoor Escape Game in Atlanta

November 25, Atlanta, Georgia

21.537 reviews

The world’s most popular outdoor escape games are now coming to Atlanta for Thanksgiving weekend after entertaining people all around the world. 

The games are a great addition to the usual Thanksgiving activities. You get to walk off that turkey, explore the city and play together with your dear ones. Exercise, play and learn new things at the same time.

This new concept combining elements of escape rooms, treasure hunts and exploration tours is a joy for people of all ages. Bring your grandmas, bring your kids, you’ll all enjoy it just the same. Oh, and it’s free to participate for kids under 12!



This is an interactive activity where you are guided by a mobile app. With it, you follow directions and solve very fun puzzles, riddles and cryptic codes.

During the game you will also visit popular and hidden places in the city while reading fun (and we mean it) bits of history about them. This is a storytelling experience just as much.

4.8 out of 5 people absolutely love our games. Join the playground too this Thanksgiving weekend!



You can win an all expenses paid trip to DisneyWorld Orlando.

Or a 50$ Amazon gift card.

You can check the official contest rules here.


Learn more about the event from our FAQ section

If you have any questions or encounter any issues before or during the event, chat with us live here

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  • Play outdoors using your phone
  • Follow clues & solve fun puzzles
  • Compete for multiple prizes
  • Costume contest (optional)
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Start anytime after 8 PM on the day
  • 2 hours average duration
350 000+






What our players say

    Very Nice game! I found out things I never knew before in this city. Can't wait to play it again :D
    Stephanie R., Dublin
    We enjoyed exploring the city's highlights this way - it was interesting and fun, and the kids loved it!
    Carin C, Salzburg
    The stories were fantastic, we loved the route and all the places we never knew about even if we were born here. Good stuff
    Sara V, Sydney
    very informative and got to see some very interesting hidden gems! highly recommend to all who love to discover more than meets the eye!!!
    Theodora O, Lyon
    my friends and i had such an amazing time doing the scavenger hunt. got to see some cool sites! highly recommend!!
    Chloe, Chicago
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