• Hi all,

    Great to see this community finally being up and running.

    I live in a small area, the Faroe Islands, where few know about Questo. I have created the first game here, and I'm really satisfied with the outcome. But, after having made the game and having played it with several different people, I saw a need to increase the real-life feeling when playing because this is a ghost story game, which, therefore, should feel scary while still entertaining.

    I purchased an A.I. speech generator (still rather dull sounding) and a sound editing program to see if I could bring the stories to life.

    I have now tried it, and I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Though the speech generator could be better at making voices suited for the right feelings of the characters, I have found a way around it.

    So, since only a few characters needed to scream or sound frightened, I recorded my own speech and used the sound editing program to manipulate my voice so that I could use it for my characters.

    So, I just wanted to share this so that others could benefit from this approach. That way, you can have speech recordings within your game without paying voice actors.

    Can't wait to go on my next Questo adventure with a group. I hope they'll appreciate the game even more now.


    Using A.I. to bring stories to life!
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  • 3 months ago


    I also used (free) speech generation program (https://ttsmp3.com/) for a game : Virtual Dacian Wars: The Carol Park Battles.

    I also use often image generators (https://creator.nightcafe.studio/) for story multimedia and mood pictures. Sometimes I also use ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com/) for enhancing the stories or translate them.

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