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  • 10 months ago

    Hello Claudiu,
    I am an environmental/urban planner and game researcher at the State University of New York. I study the use of games in community engagement around planning and sustainability issues in cities. I am conducting a research/writing/video project that looks at games as a way to generate conversations and actions for a sustainable future. Over the past year I've been interviewing puzzle designers/gamers of city-based games throughout the US and Canada.
    I am particularly interested in Questo because it is so different from other city-games. Because Questo gives anyone the ability to create games, the games have the potential to be about lesser-known places and stories. Questo games and designers appear more diverse and grassroots, and have great potential for teaching and learning about communities.
    I am wondering if you would allow me to interview you for this project?
    My questions will generally focus on your motivation for creating Questo, your observations of Questo games, creators and players, and what you think Questo games can teach us about cities, people and sustainability.
    I am currently in Stockholm. For the coming school year I am working at the Games and Society Lab at the University of Uppsala. I'm interviewing city-game designers throughout Europe. I would love to have a video chat and potentially meet up in-person if it works out.

    Thanks for considering,

    Curt Gervich

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