• We don't know why YOU should create a game, but Team Skitty's reasons are:

    • we are a team of 3: dad, daughter and pet dog, creating games is a good way of bonding (dad makes pictures for directions / challenges / hints, daughter thinks of the challenges / story of the game, and the dog, Skitty, just assists both in their tasks)
    • creating games gave us a common hobby
    • creating games gave us the reason to travel to nearby (for now) places and cities
    • it's a learning experience, until now we learned how to find informations on the internet for attractions in a specific city, how to make a perfect route between them, how to create the perfect story for the given city, and lots more.
  • a year ago

    Hi, @Sojourning Soul! Here are a few ideas to start with:

    1. Talk about your game(s) to your friends an local community. Invite them to play and have fun!
    2. Organise meet-up and local events.
    3. Look for any operators/ travel agencies that bring people in your city/ country and tell them about what experience you can offer.

    You can find more ideas in you Creators' Room https://questoapp.com/creator-room

  • a year ago

    Well, I love telling stories as well and also travelling. I saw Team Skitty games and played some. However, I have difficulty in marketing. I wonder when you do marketing for your games.

  • a year ago

    Thank you, @Team Skitty for sharing this with everyone 👏

  • a year ago

    Love your work, Team Skitty! Keep building, keep learning, keep exploring!

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