Michelangelo's Florence

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Take this timeless journey across the Unesco World Heritage Site of Florence center, following in the footsteps of one the most iconic art geniuses of all times: Michelangelo!

Explore real locations related to Michelangelo’s life, such as the bohemian district of Santo Spirito, the open-air museum of Piazza della Signoria, the breathtaking Piazza del Duomo or the unbeaten path of Via de’ Bentaccordi. You will learn all about his prolific life, with its many curiosities and mostly unknown facts.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

43-73 mins

You will walk

3940 steps

Total distance

3 km


  • Discover the hidden street and house where Michelangelo grew up

  • See the place where Michelangelo “skinned” corpses to perfect his drawing skills

  • Uncover the workshop where Michelangelo carved his masterpiece, ‘The David’

  • Find out how many days it took to move the gigantic David to the main square

  • Visit the site where Michelangelo is buried and learn the incredible story of how his body was brought back to Florence


It’s the year 3000 and you are an enthusiastic Time Travel Agent. You are the best and you trained a lot for this mission. Still, you are incredibly nervous. If you fail this mission, the entire face of art might change forever. You are supposed to intercept a plot to kill the great master Michelangelo before he can even sculpt David. You will go back to 1501 and make sure the horrible plot doesn’t come to pass. You get into the time travel machine, take a deep breath, and turn the engine on.

Game route

Piazza Santo Spirito, 1, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy
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Anne Derouet

22 May 2023


15 Apr 2023
It was very interesting and informative. Although we may have had a hard time finding some of the riddles, me and my family enjoyed it very much since it was not only fun, but we learned a lot of information about the city.

Mantas Domeika

04 Apr 2023

Katia Stamatova

29 Mar 2023

Ciara Franke

12 Mar 2023

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  • Discover new places

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  • Solve puzzles, crack riddles

    You will test your wits and exploring abilities with fun challenges.

  • Learn fun history

    Each place comes with its own bit of history that you'll discover as you walk.

  • Role-play

    Put yourself in the shoes of a famous fictional character and play out their story.


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