London's West End: World at War

Created by
Denisa Podhrazska
Explore the West End of London and discover what it was like to live and work here during WW2. Hear stories of friendships and bombings as we bring wartime London to life. Admire timeless memorials for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Each challenge solved will unveil the various effects of war on London, as seen through the eyes of the civilians who called London home, and the military who fought to defend it.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

99-129 mins

You will walk

5910 steps

Total distance

4.5 km


Discover a crucial friendship that helped to win the war

Find out who designed the officers famous trench coat

Explore memorials reminding us of significant places and people

Learn how much damage London suffered during the Blitz

Game route

Starting point Green Park Underground Station
150 Piccadilly, St. James's, London W1J 9BR, UK
Finish point The Cenotaph
Whitehall, London SW1A 2ET, UK

Know before you go

    Quest available in English

    This quest has 15 challenges

    Best during the day


    Best for couples

    Recommended activity for families


You are Lacey Biggins, a peppy showgirl who is doing her best to bring cheer to the people of London during the dark times of WWII. You have spent the past 7 months singing and dancing your way across London; entertaining exhausted troops who have lost their comrades, and trying to drown out the sound of bombs for those hidden in shelters. 

But even at such a dramatic time, you never imagined that you’d become entangled in an espionage plot which could ultimately decide London’s fate!
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