Ghosts of Madrid

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Play a city exploration game and go on this spooky mission as the ghost of Diego Velázquez, the famous painter of the Spanish Golden Age, all on your smartphone.

Follow clues and solve puzzles to save your lost soul, while checking out landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, the Literary Quarter, the Prado Museum, and much more.

Start the night walk right now and discover Madrid at your own pace, without a guide.
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  • Best at night
  • Please be cautious of traffic
  • Don’t enter the places, not part of the experience
  • If parents/guardians, filter the content for kids
  • Use the phone flashlight for clues if needed
  • Some checkpoints may contain temporary construction work

Places you will visit


It will take you

75-105 mins

You will walk

3940 steps

Total distance

3 km


  • Become a famous ghost and follow clues that will help you find eternal peace. Unless, of course, your soul is doomed to serve a different sentence…

  • Discover the secret behind Velázquez’s most famous painting, Las Meninas

  • Explore secret gems such as the world’s oldest theatre, the home of the Spanish tooth fairy, and more.

  • Learn about Madrid's history in an entertaining and engaging way.

  • Visit the most haunted places in town.


A black raven lands on the tree in the centre of the gloomy square. Its caw rouses you from your sleep on the church stairs.

A new night of purgatory has begun.

You’ve lost track of how long you’ve been doing this. It must be centuries. You often wonder if people still remember you, Diego Velázquez, the greatest painter of the Spanish Golden Age!

Lately, you’ve been feeling that your dreary existence as a ghost has been expiation enough. But little do you know that today is your Day of Reckoning.

Game route

Starting point Real Church of Saint James and Saint John the Baptist
Calle de Santiago, 24, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Finish point Velázquez Monument (Prado Museum)
P.º del Prado, 11, 28014 Madrid, Spain
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15 Nov 2023

Eva Casado

12 Nov 2023


09 Nov 2023
great game and tour, lots of fun!


05 Nov 2023

Homam Jarrah

04 Nov 2023

What does an
outdoor escape game look like?

  • Discover new places

    As you walk and tour around the city, you will visit new cool places.

  • Solve puzzles, crack riddles

    You will test your wits and exploring abilities with fun challenges.

  • Learn fun history

    Each place comes with its own bit of history that you'll discover as you walk.

  • Role-play

    Put yourself in the shoes of a famous fictional character and play out their story.


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Ana B CaRo
3800 XP
Eva Casado
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