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Boston - Harvard Yard (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Samuel Fishman
Harvard University is synonymous with academic excellence and integrity.

Discover Harvard Yard, a stomping ground for intellectuals and innovators, a hub of culture, science, and politics. You will see how students give back to their communities, write about important issues, and celebrate key traditions.

But you can also learn a few truths about Harvard that students don’t like to acknowledge-Harvard has quite a few myths.

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  • Find out the truth about “The Statue of Three Lies”
  • Learn about how the sinking of the Titanic saved Harvard’s book collection
  • View an authentic stop on the Underground Railroad
  • Figure out who keeps stealing the chair of the president of The Harvard Crimson 

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  • This quest has 11 challenges
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The Porcellian Club: established in 1791, it is Harvard’s all-male, exclusive society where only carefully selected members know of the depravity within.

You are Owen Shaw, a budding journalist trying to make it big in the Harvard Crimson newspaper. As the newest member of the P.C, you could be on the cusp of a big scoop.

Undercover, you must sneak behind the curtain to break the Porcellian’s iron grip on Harvard.


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