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Mont Saint Michel


    Discover Mont Saint Michel

    Mont Saint Michel, one of France's most iconic landmarks, is a medieval monastery built on a small rocky island, connected to the mainland by a causeway. By exploring Mont Saint Michel with Questo, visitors can immerse themselves in its rich history, while enjoying a fun and interactive way of sightseeing.

    Popular attractions include the Gothic Abbey, the medieval ramparts, and the Grand Rue, lined with picturesque shops and restaurants. With Questo, visitors can explore these sites at their own pace, pause and resume the game anytime, and discover hidden gems and stories they might have missed on a traditional tour.

    In addition to being a fun way to explore Mont Saint Michel, playing games by walking is also a healthy and engaging activity for all ages. Questo is an affordable and flexible way to experience the sights and sounds of the city, with the added bonus of being able to complete the game whenever you like.

    Whether you're visiting with family or friends, or looking for a unique teambuilding or school trip experience, Questo offers an exciting and educational way to discover Mont Saint Michel's rich history and culture.