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Our players about Bucharest

About Bucharest

Bucharest, the vibrant capital of Romania, is a perfect city for exploring on foot and Questo offers an exciting way to discover its hidden gems. With Questo's walking game, you'll explore the city's beautiful architecture, famous landmarks and intriguing stories as you solve clues and puzzles.

The benefits of Questo are many, from the ability to play anytime to the affordable pricing, and the chance to pause and resume the game anytime. Questo offers a fun and engaging way to explore Bucharest on your own, without the need for a guide.

During the game, you'll visit many popular attractions, such as the iconic Palace of the Parliament, the charming Old Town, and the impressive Romanian Athenaeum. You'll also discover some lesser-known spots, including hidden courtyards and unique street art.

Playing games by walking is not only fun but also healthy, making it a great activity for friends and family. It's also perfect for team building events or school trips, as the game fosters teamwork and encourages creativity. Don't miss the chance to experience Bucharest in a unique and exciting way with Questo!

Frequently asked questions

What are the top things to do in Bucharest?
Bucharest, Romania's capital, is home to the vast Palace of the Parliament, charming Old Town, and the tranquil Cișmigiu Gardens. Explore the Village Museum for traditional Romanian life and enjoy the city's dynamic nightlife. Bucharest offers a mix of architectural grandeur, history, and vibrant urban life.