Questo Players Guide

Posted on May 16, 2024 by Questo Team

1. How to register:

You may download the Questo App and register your email address.

  1. For iOS users:
  2. For Android users:
  3. Open the Questo App and go to your profile, and tap on Continue in Questo. Use the same email address you have used for the purchase, do not use a hidden one from the phone provider.

After this step, you are good to go and ready to use the Questo App.

2. How to search for your game 

Open the Questo App, go to the Homepage and tap on magnifying glass.

In the search bar, type The Oz Escape in (and add your city's name) if you tap on it, it will take you to the game page.

    3.  How to look for your game on your profile

    Go to your profile within the Questo App, scroll down until you see Purchased Games - it should be on the list or even the first one. 

    If you don't see it as one of the first ones, tap on View All and look for it on the list.

    4. How to start the experience

    Go to the game page, from your profile or from the search option and Download the game (it is useful to do this before arriving at the starting point, so you will have the game ready to start).

    After you download the game, you will have the Play button - when you'll be at the starting location you will be able to Play and start the experience.

    5.  How to find the starting point

    The starting point is communicated prior to the event via email.

    To find the starting location, please open the game page within the App, scroll down for Starting Point, tap on it and it will pop-up with an option Get directions as well.

    6. How to invite someone

     How to invite someone before starting the game:

    Open the game page and tap on Invite teammates - you will see a screen where you need to input the email you want to send the invite to.

    After this, the person you have sent it will receive an email - and the game will already be unlocked under that email address - all they have to do is register with the same email address (making sure they are not using a hidden one) and look for the game on their profile.

     How to invite someone if you already started the game:

    Tap on the upper left corner button (menu). It will open the menu window and you will have the Invite friends option, if you tap on that you'll be able to add your teammates email addresses and invite them to the experience.

    7.  How to add your kids to the adventure

    For children under 16 years old, we kindly request that adults refrain from creating an account using the child's information, as we do not store data for individuals under 16 years old. Instead, we recommend that adults share the experience and content from their own device with the children.

    If the adult prefers the child to play on their own phone, there are two options:

    1. The child can use the adult's account to access the quest.
    2. The adult can create a separate account for the child using a different email address that the adult has access to, without disclosing the child's personal information.

    For help with the invite, contact our team at Chat or 

    8.  How to erase game data

    To erase a game that has been already downloaded on your device, please go to your Profile, scroll for Purchased Games and tap on View All (on the right), it will open Your Games page - you'll need to look for the game and tap on the 3 dots on the right - you will be redirected to the Game Actions window, where you will have the Clear Download button.

    After this, you are all set and you can re-download the game.

    9. Help with a challenge

    If you encounter difficulties with the answer use the ‘Help’ button to: 

      10. How to exit the game

      From the challenge/game screen, tap on the upper left corner - menu button - it will pop up with multiple options, the Quit option will be at the bottom.

      11. Troubleshooting steps & FAQs

      Events Refund Policy: