Tax Residency Certificates

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If you’re on this page, it means that you are a Questo Creator and your Questo game(s) have generated some good revenue. Worry not, this is the last formality before you receive your payment. 🀞🏻 πŸ₯³

What is a Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) and why is it required?

A Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is a document that indicates/proves the taxpayer's [country of] residency. This document enables foreign residents to claim tax relief under the Conventions for Avoidance of Double Taxation (also known as DTAA) between their Country of Residence and the Country they receive income/revenue from and not pay taxes twice in both countries.

Questo is legally obliged to request a Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) from each Creator (like you) in order to pay commission from the sales of their games. If you are a foreign resident who receives income (such as royalties or commissions) from a Romanian company (like Questo), you should be aware if there is a double tax treaty signed between Romania and Your Country of residence in order to avoid paying taxes in both countries.

If this Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is not provided by you (the Creator), we (Questo) will be legally required to withhold 10% of every payment towards you and pay it as tax to the Romanian Tax Authorities, in your name.

You can find below a list of all the countries that have a signed and active Double Tax Treaty with Romania. Look for your country of residence and you will find information on how to obtain the Certificate**.**

Please note that we are not tax experts.

This page is only informative and is meant to provide you with basic instructions on how and where to obtain your Tax Residency Certificate.

You should always contact your nearest Tax Office or a Tax Consultant to get professional help with receiving the Tax Residency Certificate and/or setting up your taxes.