Ghost Hunt Summer Edition FAQ

Is the event outdoors?

Yes, everything happens outside. You’re not entering any of the locations. Luckily, the spirits are not trapped inside, they roam freely…

How do I use the app?

It’s very easy, really. Just download it from any app store, register a new account with the same email address you used for the purchase, and follow the simple instructions inside. We have players aged 7-99+, so really anyone can use it.

If you encounter any difficulties using the app at any time, we have a live chat feature inside the app where you can get in touch with someone from our team (a real human nonetheless) in real-time. Go to Settings to find it.

Can I arrive later?

Yes, you can start the activity at any hour of the night after the official launch time. You can never be late for the eternity of the afterlife.

How scary is the event?

It really depends on you, it’s much lower than ‘hell on Earth’ and a bit higher than ‘haha, Casper’. It is an event appropriate for all ages, so don’t expect monsters jumping at you from the phone or murderers chasing you down the street (not from us, at least…). But do expect to have a lot of fun. Just follow the story, solve the riddles, take some pictures and have a good time.

Can I really win a coffin?

Yes! A real, life-sized coffin, ready to use for… you know… If you really can’t think of a use for it, you can choose the option of getting its value in money instead. But it would really be a shame not to own a comfortable coffin, don’t you think? Please see the official contest rules for more info.

What are the other prizes?

  • a ghost detector for those adventurous nights (a device detecting paranormal activities)
  • a £100 Amazon gift card to use for any dark wishes you may have

Is the event suitable for kids?

Yes, families are welcome every year. But make sure you (the responsible adult) are the one controlling the phone so that you are able to screen for inappropriate/scary content.

Can I wear a costume?

Yes, of course! We’re curious to see how many Squid Game squads we’re going to have this year.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are allowed, but you should be aware that the event might get a bit noisy.

Can I bring my pet koala?

Why would you have a pet koala?!

What happens if the weather is scary?

The event will carry on as planned unless for extreme conditions. Be sure to wear appropriate clothes (or costumes!).

Is the route accessible for wheelchair users?

We can’t guarantee that this year, unfortunately. We’ll make efforts to have this for future events.

Is there food and drinks available?

No, sorry, you don’t really tend to need those in the afterlife. But you can pack some snacks and drinks if you really ‘can’t live’ without them for a couple of hours.

What happens if the event is cancelled?

The event will only be cancelled in extreme circumstances or if the official local COVID gathering rules change close to the event date. If the event is cancelled, you will have a choice between a refund or another ticket to a postponed date.

How are you doing?

Great, thanks for asking!

I’m a journalist, where can I get in touch?

For any questions, please send an email at