Questo Gift Cards

Get a Questo Gift Card for your friends, family or co-workers and help them build amazing memories.

So far, 250k people enjoyed playing Questo in the real world while walking more than 2 million km. However, the amount of km is not what makes a Questo game fun, but the memories you create while playing games in the real world together with your loved ones.

Questo games are a great idea when you want to:

  • enjoy fun dates as a couple or on your first date
  • spend fun time with your family and kids and create everlasting memories of you playing together
  • play with your friends or co-workers and have fun in the real world
  • travel to a new destination and want to explore and learn on your own, while having fun

How does a Questo Gift card work?

  1. Choose the gift card you want to offer, and pay for it
  2. Contact us at and tell us to whom you want to offer the gift
  3. We will contact the gift recipient and credit his Questo account with the amount you purchased