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About Veltlinerkeller

Duck into the Veltlinerkeller and step back in time to a Zurich that whispers secrets of vine and vintage. 

This historic wine cellar, nestled in the heart of Zurich, isn't just a spot to sip some vino; it's a full-blown tribute to the grape's journey through time. With its rustic ambience and an impressive selection of local and international wines, Veltlinerkeller offers more than a drink—it offers stories poured straight from the bottle.

Best Time/Season to Visit:
The Veltlinerkeller is an all-season retreat for wine enthusiasts and curious tourists alike. Whether it's the chill of winter calling for a robust red or a sunny summer afternoon perfect for a crisp white, this cellar welcomes you with open arms and a filled glass. Evening visits add an extra charm, as the cellar's old-world feel is best experienced under the subtle glow of its intimate lighting.