St. Peter Church

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About St. Peter Church

Step into the quiet enclave of St. Peter Church in Zurich's bustling Old Town and find yourself facing off with Europe's largest church clock face. Forget Big Ben—St. Peter's timekeeper is the real overachiever! 

As you wander through this ancient site, which has stood the test of time since the 13th century, you'll find yourself wrapped in a cloak of calm, punctuated only by the gentle ticking that has orchestrated Zurich’s pace for centuries.

Best Time/Season to Visit:
To really soak up the serene vibe, swing by on a weekday morning. The church offers a calm respite from the city's hustle. Or catch a Sunday service when the church’s soul really comes to life. Open year-round, St. Peter's doors are always ready to welcome you into its historic embrace, whatever the season.

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