Porta Messina

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About Porta Messina

Imagine a gate so welcoming, it makes your own front door look like a grumpy bouncer. That’s Porta Messina for you, Taormina’s own version of "Open Sesame," where history greets you with a tip of the hat and the promise of adventure. This isn’t just a gateway; it's a place where every cobblestone winks at you with the possibility of discovery.

Porta Messina stands with the confidence of a medieval knight, albeit one that’s swapped its sword for a gelato spoon. It marks the beginning of Corso Umberto's runway, where history struts its stuff in broad daylight and the boutiques and cafes vie for your affection like suitors at a Sicilian ball.

Best Time/Season to Visit:
To walk through Porta Messina when Taormina is at its most enchanting, aim for the shoulder seasons—spring and autumn—when the sun plays its golden hour hits and the temperature is as perfect as a well-aged Sicilian wine. It’s during these times that you can enjoy the gate’s beauty and the town’s offerings without the rush of the summer crowds or the solitude of winter.

Entry through Porta Messina is always open, and while it won’t cost you a dime, leaving its charm behind might prove priceless.