Oberer Stadtturm

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About Oberer Stadtturm

Perched above the quaint streets of Vöcklabruck, the Oberer Stadtturm stands as a towering testament to the town's medieval might and modern charm. This historic sentinel, with its roots deeply embedded in the soil of centuries past, offers more than just a spectacular view; it's a gateway to the soul of Vöcklabruck. Climbing its spiral staircase is like walking through the pages of history, with each step telling a story of battles, beauty, and the passage of time.

Not just any old tower, the Oberer Stadtturm is the kind of place where you half expect to bump into a knight on his way to his watch. Its walls, weathered by the elements and the epochs, hold the whispers of yesteryear, inviting visitors to listen closely and travel back in time.

Best Time/Season to Visit:
The Oberer Stadtturm is a year-round marvel, but it truly shines in the golden hues of autumn. As the leaves turn, the tower offers a vantage point that is nothing short of magical, painting the town in vibrant colours and soft light. It's during these months that the air is crisp, the crowds are thinner, and the vistas are at their most breathtaking.