Hans Christian Andersen Monument

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About Hans Christian Andersen Monument

In the enchanting expanse of Central Park, amidst whispering leaves and chirping birds, sits the Hans Christian Andersen Monument, a tribute to the master storyteller of children’s literature.

This charming bronze statue depicts Andersen reading his famous tale, "The Ugly Duckling," to a spellbound duck. It’s not just a monument; it’s an invitation to the world of imagination. Visitors, especially the young and the young at heart, are often found lounging around the storyteller's feet, swept away by the magic of his words. 

Unveiled in 1956 to commemorate his 150th birthday, this spot has since been a cherished nook for book lovers and dreamers alike. Come for the story, stay for the storytelling—regular readings at the statue make it a lively literary hub.

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