Carillon of the Mont des Arts

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About Carillon of the Mont des Arts

In the heart of Brussels, where art and culture blend as smoothly as fine Belgian chocolate, stands the Carillon of the Mont des Arts. This melodious landmark isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a symphony for the ears, offering an auditory glimpse into Belgium's rich musical heritage. 

With its bells chiming out over the city, the carillon tells the time in notes and melodies, turning every hour into a moment of enchantment. Whether you're a local or a traveller, the carillon's song is a reminder to pause and savour the beauty of the moment, right in the bustling centre of Brussels.

Best time/season to visit:
The Carillon of the Mont des Arts can be enjoyed year-round, but it's especially magical during the spring and summer months when outdoor concerts and events breathe extra life into the Mont des Arts area.

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