Le Marais Highlights: The Mysterious Note, Paris

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A favourite of Parisians, Le Marais is one of the most upscale districts of Paris, with its ancient cobbled streets rich with secrets and medieval history. The area is a cultural hub of diversity, from the Jewish population that’s been there since the middle ages to the LGBTQ community adding life into the city.

Take a journey through Le Marais to uncover its hidden gems, and discover what makes this one of the best spots to experience life in Paris.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

45-75 mins

You will walk

4200 steps

Total distance

3.2 km


  • Shop, eat and enjoy Paris the way Parisians do.

  • Learn about France’s dark and sombre past surrounding the Holocaust.

  • Experience Paris in the medieval ages, including one of the city’s last remaining medieval-era mansions with striking Gothic and Renaissance influence.

  • Discover the quaint neighbourhood where Victor Hugo lived as a writer, and the magnificent church he wrote about in Les Misérables.


You are Newton. You don’t know how you got here!

You are a scientist in London, living a secret life as an alchemist: trying to perfect the science of turning base metal into gold. Last memory you have is of falling asleep under a tree in a garden, after a hard night’s work in your laboratory.

Next thing you know, you are here in this mysterious place with a note. The people here are wearing strange clothes, and iron horses are running on the roads! Confused, you proceed to read the note.

Game route

Starting point Hôtel De Ville
Rue de Rivoli Acs, 75004 Paris, France
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31 Oct 2023
very nice! but needs some corrections of the clues in the challenge games.

Eduards Stiprais

26 Feb 2023

Sophie Eeckelaer

17 Sep 2022
Heel erg leuk!

Questo Originals

Questo team
19 Sep 2022
Heerlijk om dit te horen ❤️ Kan niet wachten om je nog veel meer steden met ons te zien verkennen! 😊

Öykü Koç

31 Jul 2022
The 11th pizzle wasn't solvable, but thanks to this tour we saw so many new streets of Paris!

ann caimi

06 Jun 2022
fun way to walk around.

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  • Role-play

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Sara Visconti
3529 XP
Öykü Koç
3400 XP
3350 XP