Street Art Brooklyn, New York: Graffiti Land

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Discover the most beautiful street art murals of Brooklyn in the very charming neighborhood of Williamsburg by going on an epic quest. 

Solve the mystery and unveil everything you need to know about these art pieces and the vibrant neighborhood.

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Places you will visit


It will take you

73-103 mins

You will walk

5650 steps

Total distance

4.3 km


  • ● Discover the charming neighborhood of Williamsburg and its most beautiful street art murals● Admire the Williamsburg bridge and walk along the river while looking at the Manhattan skyline● Uncover secrets about Street-Artists and their art from all around the world


For a while now, a street art mural of Williamsburgh is being completely covered in black paint every single day. It’s a real tragedy for the neighborhood and all its beautiful street art masterpieces.

Resolute art-fan, you decide to lend a hand to a curious teenager, Paul, who is very affected by these mysterious events. Together, you decide to try and do everything you can to protect the splendid murals and catch the criminal spoiling them… 

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06 Apr 2024

Paul Juser

15 Mar 2024

Sasha Korznikova

01 Jan 2024

John Going

21 Dec 2023
Thanks, Brooklyn scavenger thingie! I learned to read because of you!


24 Nov 2023
that was super fun! we learned a lot and had a nice time walking around Williamsburg.

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4000 XP
3970 XP
Olha Obertas
3970 XP