Triumph at Dawn: Michael The Brave's Battle for Giurgiu

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In a world forged by courage and defined by conflict, you will rise against the tide of darkness. Amidst the clash of swords, the thunder of cannons, and the chaos of battle, you and your army stand unyielding. You speak of freedom, of unity, of a nation's pride.As the battlefield becomes a crucible of courage and sacrifice, will you defy the odds and face the challenges ?Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and reminded that even amidst darkness, the light of determination shines brightest.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

70-100 mins

You will walk

4200 steps

Total distance

3.2 km


  • Discover the amazing Giurgiu, an old city and port on the Danube River and on the border with Bulgaria

  • See the Ottoman heritage in architecture of Giurgiu, which was part of the empire for over 450 years.

  • Be brave and win a battle against the Turkish army back in the 16th century.


In the heart of the night, a cloak of foreboding darkness enshrouds the ancient fortress of Giurgiu. 

The wind, carrying with it an eerie whisper, brushes against the high walls, as if to warn of the impending storm. 

Torches flicker sporadically, casting fleeting and trembling shadows on the faces of the brave men who have gathered within. 

Among them is you are Michel The Brave, a leader whose very name evokes courage and determination. 

Game route

Starting point Michael The Brave Statue
Bulevardul București 202, Giurgiu, România
Finish point "Teohari Antonescu" District Museum
Strada Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea 3, Giurgiu, România
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4000 XP
4000 XP
4000 XP