Superhero Support Team: Santa Monica

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Named one of National Geographic's “Top 10 Beach Cities in the World," immerse yourself in Santa Monica's pristine beauty, as you assist a motley group of Super Heroes in saving the world from a sinister supervillain threat. 

Your journey will take you to locations featuring some of the most picturesque views of the pacific ocean, and famous white sandy beaches. You'll witness many different trees and plants, and stroll down lively streets brimming with unique shopping, and tasty cuisine. 


  • Can be played on
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • During these hours
    Whole day

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  • Take in the amazing scenery, vibrant culture, and lively pulse of Santa Monica!

  • Witness the world's only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

  • Appreciate the craftsmanship of hand-carved carousel horses.

  • Visit a coffee shop iconic in skateboarding and surfing history.

  • See unique architecture that started entire movements.


The Evil and mysterious super villain know only as "Dr. Malice," and his evil organization have been terrorizing the galaxy for a century, and has set their sights on their next target: Earth. 

Earth's last hope to save itself from Dr. Malice's malicious intent stands in a crew of Superheroes, known as: The Superhero Wonderous Evil Ending Team (S.W.E.E.T).

Join S.W.E.E.T, and their unique crew of heroes, as they work with you to stop Dr. Malice and his diabolic henchmen, and save the planet. 

Experience's route


Places you will visit


It will take you

81-111 mins

You will walk

4860 steps

Total distance

3.7 km

  • No attractions ticket(s) required
  • Play on weekdays during working hours to avoid large crowds
  • After your booking, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and play the game on your phone.
  • Cross the street carefully
  • Game ends in another place than it starts
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23 Nov 2023


23 Nov 2023
clever writing, interesting finds lots of fun!

Marie Hagen

23 Nov 2023


23 Nov 2023


14 Jun 2023
interesting game. The Horatio court challenge was hard to figure out, but eventually got it

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Marie Hagen
3100 XP
3100 XP
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