Poznan Old Town Highlights: A Secret Diary

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Step into the 19th century with "Poznan Old Town Highlights: A Secret Diary." 

On your first day as a detective, you're handed an old journal by a mysterious figure who vanishes after saying, "It's hidden there, where it began. 

If you find IT, you can find THEM." The journal is filled with maps, riddles, and foreign words. As you navigate Poznan's charming Old Town, solve the puzzles and uncover hidden secrets to crack your first case. Can you unravel the mystery and prove your detective skills?


  • Can be played on
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • During these hours
    Whole day

  • Languages

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  • Visit the Old Town

  • Learn why goats are beloved here

  • Why the bridge changed its place

  • Who was a famous guest in 19th century


⌚ 19th century. 

It's your first day as a detective and a someone gives you an old journal without explaining anything. Before disappearing, they only say: "It's hidden there, where it began. If you find IT, you can find THEM."

You open the journal and see it's filled with maps, riddles, foreign words. First day and first case? You must solve it!

Experience's route

Starting point Półwiejska 39
Półwiejska 39, 61-001 Poznań, Poland
Finish point most Biskupa Jordana
most Biskupa Jordana, 61-001 Poznań, Poland

Places you will visit


It will take you

44-74 mins

You will walk

4070 steps

Total distance

3.1 km

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Daniel Whittington

27 Dec 2022

Katarzyna Jaska

27 Dec 2022


26 Oct 2022

Roxy Wright

20 Sep 2022
Really good detailed instructions, which you are able to follow even through the construction work that is currently taking over the city centre. Very good quest!

Questo Originals

Questo team
21 Sep 2022
Wow, Roxy! Thank you for your kind words and hope to see explore many more parts of the world with Questo! ✨

Virág Somogyi

21 Aug 2022

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Daniel Whittington
3400 XP
Katarzyna Jaska
3400 XP
Roxy Wright
3370 XP