Ottoman Culture in Kusadasi

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Kusadasi, meaning “Bird’s Island”, is a world-famous resort and one of the most popular cruise ship ports in all of Turkey. 

It is neither an island nor are there birds as there used to be but, every summer, thousands of tourists migrate here in their stead. Kusadasi is located on the west coast in the Aegean Region, attracting many visitors with its spectacular Byzantine and Ottoman ruins as well as its beautiful beaches and traditional shops.

Will you step into Kusadasi’s history?


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  • Explore Pigeon Island, the town's symbol, built by world-famous Ottoman pasha, Barbarossa.

  • Lose yourself in the traditionally narrow streets of an Aegean town.

  • Visit one of the world's oldest hotels, established in the 17th century!

  • See one of the most authentic houses reflecting traditional Turkish culture.

  • Witness a traditional Turkish market.


The legend says that whoever, man or beast, finds and eats an egg of the first nesting bird on Kusadasi’s bird island will be granted the gift of flight. Every living thing around these parts knows this.

You are a young snake, determined to find this mythical bird, consumed by the bleak reality of forever living on the scorching-hot ground. The first flying snake – this is what you wish to be forever remembered for, no matter how perilous the journey may be.

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3 km

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Thomas Keatley

18 May 2024


02 Oct 2023

Lorenzo Vanderspikken

28 Aug 2023


11 Aug 2022


24 Sep 2023
Leuke zoektocht om Kusadasi te leren kennen. Er zit wel 1 foutje in het spel waarbij een routebeschrijving 2x voorkomt en we hierdoor de vissen met parachutes niet gevonden hebben.

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