Ghosts of New Orleans: Night Walk

Ghosts of New Orleans: Night Walk

October 31, New Orleans, Louisiana

21.537 reviews

Join the world’s biggest ghost hunt and visit the most haunted places in town, hand-picked to deliver your worst nightmare.

The world’s most popular haunted city exploration games are now coming to New Orleans after delivering chills in cities all around the world.

Learn the terrifying stories behind places you’ve never noticed and be shocked by the true histories of places you see and visit every day.

 All this while solving expertly-designed puzzles, riddles and cryptic codes that will test your nerves and wits at every step.

Try to push yourself through the fear and join this uniquely dark event. And don’t forget to invite that friend who you love to spook!

More details about the event in our FAQ.

If you have any questions or issues before or during the event, chat with us live here.

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  • Play outdoors using your phone
  • Follow clues & solve fun puzzles
  • Compete for multiple prizes
  • Costume contest (optional)
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Start anytime after 8 PM on the day
  • 2 hours average duration
350 000+






What our players say

    I walk through this area for work everyday and never knew it had such a creepy history... dear god. We loved the mission too, I feel the same way as Anton!
    Brandon G, Amsterdam
    An amazing way to spend time with my friends who ‘never get scared’. the clues were a bit challenging for us at first but we got the hang of it.
    Elena D, Birmingham
    I did NOT need to know these things about my city! But at the same time I do.. The stories were fantastic, we loved the route and all the places we never knewabout even if we were born here. Good stuff
    Sara V, Sydney
    Great fun, spooky stories, amazing sites off the beaten paths. Thank you!
    Nelli T, Budapest
    We certainly took our time, but it was a great time! We saw everything we wanted to see, scoped out areas we want to explore further, and learned some creepy history!
    Aleksandra M, Rome
    An exciting storyline! Gave me the chills. Fascinating stories I've never heard about my home city. A great adventure
    Emmy G, Manchester
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