Waterfront Hamburg: The Views and the History [QUEST IN TEST MODE]

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Hamburg City Cycles
Go on a beautiful walking tour along Hamburg’s waterfront and learn about its maritime history. You’ll explore historic sites like the Landing Bridges and the Portuguese quarter as well as the more modern HafenCity.

Hamburg is an ancient city, famously diverse and plural. From the Hanseatic League to the world wars, the city has evolved and welcomed all, making it a vibrant hub of culture.

Are you ready to discover the seafaring side of Hamburg? Land ahoy! Come this way.
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  • Discover Hamburg’s history along the waterfront from Landungsbrücken to HafenCity
  • Explore the Alter Elbtunnel and learn the story behind it
  • Admire the city’s past while uncovering its future
  • Learn about the Elphi, Hamburg’s architectural masterpiece

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  • This quest has 13 challenges
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Hamburg, 1582.
The city flourishes with its mercantile prosperity and marine might. Many come to the city seeking fortune or fleeing prosecution.

Your name is Abraham Ruah, a Sephardic Jew who has fled the inquisition in Portugal. For you, Hamburg is a place of opportunity and freedom. The city has everything, but it’s missing good food. You’ve decided to sell the small fish cakes your grandma used to make.

You’re at the pier getting the cod when you feel a blade on your neck. This can’t be good.
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(6 ratings)


Sep 2021
Ein schöner Trip, aber die Lösung der ersten Aufgabe wurde nicht angenommen. Die Aufgabe an der Baumwallstation ergibt ein fehlerhaftes Wort, lässt sich dann aber erraten. Wir hatten auf alle Fälle unseren Spaß.


Sep 2021
We could not find one of the clues but you quite a lot of the harbour and also get some insights. Riddles are neither very hard nor very easy. Once you get it, its easily solvable


Aug 2021
oft schlecht beschrieben und ziemlich schwere Fragen.


Aug 2021
good story, directions were sometimes a wee bit missleading. Some of the riddles/clues were not correkt, but thats okay because the whole tour is in the phase of testing.