Prague Highlights: Quirky New Town

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A man and his horse, an upside-down man and his upside-down horse, a rotating head, and a dancing hotel? Welcome to Prague’s New Town, where there’s a quirk around every corner! 

Witness a grand hotel, a grander theatre, the grandest of the grand cathedral, and also a selfie market. 
Will you don your finest leopardskin hat and see what it’s all about?
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Places you will visit


It will take you

33-63 mins

You will walk

3810 steps

Total distance

2.9 km


  • See twelve of the highest visitor-rated locations in and around Prague’s New Town

  • Offer a firm handshake to Franz Kafka’s spinning head

  • Enjoy a very brief powernap at the entrance to one of the grandest hotels in all of Prague

  • Be carried away from the scene by on-site security

  • Stare at a dancing hotel until you feel dizzy


Ah, Prague! City of delight. But oh no, this isn’t your first time. Last time, you woke up in a bug’s body and were chased by an army of huge centipedes. How were you supposed to know they weren't friendly? It took you a full day to get your human body back, and you swore to yourself that you'd never return to Prague.
But everyone deserves another chance, so you’re at it again, and this time it might be different. This time, you’ll stick to the new town area, and it’ll all go well. At least, you hope so.
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Божена Барановская

14 Jan 2023

marijn van der burgt

12 Oct 2022
whe had fun

Questo Originals

Questo team
17 Oct 2022
Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We’re so glad you enjoyed the app and hope you have a great day! To many more cities explored with Questo!


12 Oct 2022


26 Sep 2022
Enjoyable couple of hours spent exploring Prague.

Questo Originals

Questo team
29 Sep 2022
Hey Ritchie, so cool to hear you had a blast with us in Prague! Thanks for sharing your experience :D


19 Nov 2023

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