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Ottawa: The Rockcliffe Neighbourhood

Play a city game in Ottawa’s most prestigious neighbourhood and learn about historic mansions while discovering stories of ambassadors.

Rockcliffe Park has been designated a Heritage Conservation District, making it a pleasant, picturesque community in Ottawa to stroll through. You’ll explore its green spaces and elegant charm. From the official home of Canada’s Opposition Leader to the Holy See, the town has plenty to uncover – even a secret or two.

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Places you will visit


It will take you

56-86 mins

You will walk

7880 steps

Total distance

6 km


  • Admire Rockcliffe’s lavish homes and international twist.

  • Explore Ottawa’s past and present

  • Discover the origin of Ottawa’s famous tulips

  • Experience the Rockeries, a piece of Ottawa’s heritage


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You wake up as usual: a pool of drool, a piercing light, a desire to sleep longer. Worse, you have a headache. You slowly open your eyes.

You’re Jackson, an Ottawa native that was supposed to meet your best friend Elsa last night. You remember parking your car and little else.

Wait a sec. You don’t know this room. Where are you? You lift the covers; where are your clothes? You find them but, as you get dressed, a man enters the room. He’s angry and coming your way.

What happened last night? 

Game route

Starting point Official Residence of the Norweigan Ambassador to Canada
1160 Lisgar Rd, Rockcliffe Park, ON K1M 0E6, Canada
Finish point American Ambassador’s Residence
Lisgar Rd & Rockcliffe Rd, Ottawa, ON K1M 2H5, Canada



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Maria R.

Nov 2021
I really enjoyed seeing the Rocklifee neighborhood while discovering some of its history! Such a beautiful part of Ottawa!

Lisa Flick

Aug 2021
Rockliffe is incredibly! So beautiful!

Dave Klassen

Aug 2021
This your was great!

Andrew Wing

Aug 2021
Really fun tour of Rockcliffe Park!


Andrew Wing
3700 XP
Dave Klassen
3250 XP
holly csirik
3238 XP

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