Old Town Montreal: The Culture Tsunami (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

Created by
Duncan McDowall
Welcome to hypertime! Every step and minute counts as you speed through 500 years of Montreal history. From the first person to have mapped the shores of the mighty Saint-Lawrence River and given Canada its name, to the very source of present-day Montreal’s cultural divide – by walking through Old Montreal you will learn what makes this city what it is! Tighten your shoelaces, let’s go.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

81-111 mins

You will walk

5250 steps

Total distance

4 km


At least 3 great women in History are celebrated in Old Montreal.

Find out which Canadian bank built a greater and mightier headquarters

Discover if an abandoned building can truly be Montreal’s industrial pride

Game route


Know before you go

    Quest available in English

    This quest has 11 challenges

    Best during the day


    Best for couples

    Recommended activity for families


It’s 2040 and climate change has put the world’s coastal cities at certain risk of vanishing underwater. A tsunami is expected any day. You’ve been sent to Old Montreal as part of a special global envoy to learn and document the stories of the city before it goes. Be warned, there are some that want the past to be past and will try to stop you. Keep an eye on the Saint Lawrence river next to you, the tidal waves are coming. You must find out the key features of Old Montreal before it’s too late.
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Put yourself in the shoes of a famous fictional character and play out their story.



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Jonah A. Blander

Nov 2021

James Malorni

Aug 2021
overall, a good tour with a nice virw of old montreal and its history! but, the first clue with the boats is wrong. there are more than 2. and the last clue, its not clear that the written text to follow is english. there’s also a lottle clunkiness in the storytelling. theres two storylines, the man in the read coat and climate change. It could use refining, but it has serious potential!

Jorge Caceres Q

Nov 2021
Needs improvement! it makes you go back and forward when there could be some many other things. Some instructions are not well written and some of the answers doesn’t make sense. You don’t really explore “Vieux Port”


Alexandre Matte-Deschênes
3316 XP
James Malorni
3200 XP
3100 XP

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